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Only owners and verified mandated parties can promote available assets through myairlease.

Companies promoting available assets through myairlease can choose any of the following listing options, depending on the type and magnitude of exposure they require for their available assets (with or without Twitter, LinkedIn and Updates promotion):
  • Listing in and in Partners' databases.
  • Listing in
  • Restricted* listing in

*Restricted listings are designed for the promotion of assets with confidentiality restrictions so Serial Numbers and contact details can be omitted per the listing company's requirements (contact us for more information)

Companies promoting available assets through myairlease receive a monthly reminder email to help them maintain their listings current.
The email contains a link to a page with all the company's listings so after a quick review, companies can simply reply to the email or use the Online forms to submit the changes they need.

In order to enhance the exposure of assets that will become available more than two months after they're listed, these assets are added for a second time to an Updates email that is sent early in the month they become available.

View available listings

Aircraft listings in FleetIntel are based exclusively on continuous market research and they "likely" are, or will become, available due to the following conditions (aircraft ownership is provided by IBA):
  1. End of lease approaching.
  2. Planned/considered for sublease by the operator.
  3. Planned/considered for sale by the owner (for operation or dismantling).

View FleetIntel listings

ACMIR lists aircraft that are required for ACMI and has the following unique features to ensure the accuracy of the listings:
  1. Access to ACMIR is free but allowed only to Operators*.
  2. Requirement listings are:
    1. Limited to two (2) for each Operator (might be increased in the future).
    2. Deleted four weeks after listing, or at their end date, whichever comes first (unless removed by the Operator).
  3. If needed, Operators can create a listing without contact details. Offers are received by myairlease in strict confidence and forwarded to the listing Operator who decides if, and to which offers, they will reply. When ACMIR is fully launched, Operators will receive offers in their purpose built online Inbox and myairlease will not be involved with their communication in any way.

Requirements listed in ACMIR are accurate, current and viewed only by Operators!

Login to ACMIR

*It is strictly forbidden for Operators to allow the use of their account by non-Operators and/or share ACMIR data with non-Operators. Failure to comply will result in the deletion of the Operator's account and, if required, the enforcement of further restrictions on the use of myairlease.

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